Friends of Felines is a TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) group for cats in New Hanover County of North Carolina

Step 1: Trap

This male feral cat was on his way to the vet after being trapped. We use humane traps to keep both us and the cats safe.

Step 2: Neuter and Vaccinate

This feral female cat was waiting at the vet to be spayed and vaccinated.

Step 3: Return

Here's a return in trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR). Feral cats are returned to their outdoor homes after being neutered.

What if the cat isn't feral?

Sometimes we encounter friendly strays that have joined a band of feral cats. First we try to find the cat's owner and then p

What happens when we find kittens?

Where there are unfixed cats, there are kittens! The kittens often need human socialization before going up for adoption.