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One black and white cat multiplies into
many cats and a caption reads - Spay or Neuter Your Cats

Friends of Felines is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to reduce the overpopulation of feral cats in our community by working with committed caretakers through a trap/spay neuter/vaccinate and return program.

Friends of Felines, a local organization  is in desperate need of new volunteers and community support.  Organized in 1996, Friends of Felines caretakers and volunteers have trapped, spayed/neutered, and released back to their colonies over 4,000 feral cats, thereby preventing the birth of tens of thousands of unwanted, homeless kittens.

But volunteers come and go, with the demands of life, homes, families, and jobs.  Right now we are at an all-time low for active volunteers to help the cats.  We are asking for anyone who loves animals and has as little as 2 (two) hours a month to spare for a great cause to contact Friends of Felines about volunteer opportunities.  We need volunteers to help with writing newsletter articles, hands-on work at spay/neuter clinics, Azalea Festival, Riverfest, Paw Jam and other fundraisers and educational/informational events.

Please call for more information:  910.452.6721 or email us at friendsofelines@aol.com

Please check us out of Facebook:











With Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Friends of Felines gratefully acknowledges the incredible monetary gift given to us by the family of the late John McDonald. 

Mr. McDonald, a great friend to animals, was a talented restorer and had assisted the Smithsonian with several projects.  He will be greatly missed.  We are so thankful the family of John McDonald found Friends of Felines worthy of this gift of love and we pledge to use every cent to care for the feral cats of New Hanover County. 

Through this gift, John McDonald's memory will help so many that have so little.


In 2011

1,111 cats

750 dogs

were euthanized in our county!

You can make a difference:

spay/neuter your pet

adopt from the shelter

don't treat your pet like it is disposable

if you move, take it with you. 

You wouldn't leave your child would you?

Then don't leave your pet!




What is a Feral?

They are the "wild" offspring of domestic cats that are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay/neuter their cats, allowing them to breed uncontrolled. Many of these kittens will never have contact with humans and will eventually become fearful of them. These feral cats band together to become colonies.

Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

We need articles for our newsletter.  Do you have a good story to tell?  We would love to hear from you.  Please email your story to friendsofelines@aol.com
Tell us about your colony, your rescue or your favorite trapping experience!  Hope to hear from you soon.

Mobile Clinic

 Please have your pets spayed or neutered. 

We are working with NHC Animal Services Unit (ASU), Adopt an Angel (AAA), Cat Adoption Team (CAT) and Cat-tails to get the word out to have your pets as well as the any domestic animal you feed spayed or neutered.  We are trying to reduce the Euthanisia rate at Animal Services.  There are many resources here in Wilmington to have animals spayed/neutered and vaccinated at reduced rates.  FOF will spay/neutere/vaccinate your feral cats, AAA has vouchers to help with friendly stray cats.  The Cape Fear Spay/Neuter clinic, The Country Vet and the Humane Society have reduced rates for spay/neuter or contact your local vet.  We need the publics support!!  There are not enough homes for the beautiful puppies/kittens that are coming into ASU each day.  Please help us reduce the needless euthanisia of loving animals.

Food DrivesVolunteers needed for Fundraising

We need volunteers who love the throw parties!  We are looking for energetic people who LOVE to plan parties and "get together" events to raise desperately need funds. If you are interested please give us a call at 452.6721.



Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of every month.  We change the location, so please call for information.  910.452.6721.


Barn Buddies!

Do you have a farm with a barn that needs a few feral cats!  We always have situations where a colony of cats are being run off of the property they have called home for generations because of development.  They need a new home and we need your help.  If you have a farm and are willing to feed, water and care for them as well as have good mousers... please give us a call.  452.6721. 


Meet Onyx

I'm only 4 months old and have been through more pain than most cats will ever know.  I've been shot with a BB gun in the eye and head.  I'm going to have both eyes removed when enough money is raised for my surgery.  Can you help me?  Please click on the donate button below and put for Onyx's medical.

Update 9/6/12.  Onyx is doing better.  His eye is healing well.  We are still concerned about the swelling around the eyes and enlarged eyeballs. 

Update 9/18/12  Onyx had surgery today. He got his eyes out and neutered.  He is doing great!

 Update 9/21/12  With great sadness I'm sorry to write that Onyx started having seizures last night.  He was put on anti-seizure meds to control them.  They did not work.  His seizures continued to get more intense.  He was suffering and the decision was made to put him sleep.  I'm so upset and in shock.  He was doing so well and now this...  I don't understand why... 

10/06/2012 Update:  We are starting an Onyx Fund to help finance medical procedures for our animal abuse cases.  We will also use this money to help with prosecution of the offenders.  Abuse has to stop.  We live in the 21st century, we need to start acting like it!

Thanks again for all your support.


First and foremost, NEVER adopt an pet without getting it spayed or neutered. 

Volunteer! Volunteer! We always need people to do the “grunt work”!

Offer to foster kittens or cats until they can be placed or re-homed. 

If you don't have time to spare or room for fosters, food and supplies are always welcome and much needed. 

And of course, you can donate funds. 100% of every penny, nickel, and dime collected goes to the spay/neuter programs, to buy vaccines, provide food, and shelter for colonies. We welcome every donation no matter the size and pledge to use it all to help the forgotten ones.

All donations are tax deductible. Call 910-452-6721 or email us at friendsofelines@aol.com with questions.
Help us help them!

Kittens: From Feral to Friendly  

Do you ever wonder what happens to the kittens that Friends of Felines trap? Well, if they are young enough (5-8 weeks of age) they are tamed or “rehabbed” by local rescue/adoption group volunteers and put up for adoption. We work with these groups to find them forever homes.  Although this sounds easy, it is often an ominous and sometimes expensive process. The kittens are often flea and worm ridden, underweight, and sick. So first, the kittens are bathed to rid them of the fleas and then given deworming medicine. Now they are ready for the tough part, a lot of TLC. Often these kittens have never been around people, so to say they are afraid would be an understatement.  The kittens are kept in cages where they can see the humans at all times and realize they are not to be feared.  The volunteers take every opportunity to take the kittens out of the cages and hold them, getting them used to a human touch. If the kittens are sick they must be medicated throughout the day. This task, although easily accomplished, causes the kitties great angst, thus re-enforcing their fear of humans. Usually a month after they’ve been caught, they are flea and worm free, healthy, and now ready for their final insult, being spayed or neutered! After a lot of hard work, and a large amount of money, the kittens are ready to be adopted. Friends of Felines works with Cat Tails, Adopt-an-Angel, and Cat Adoption Team, who are kind enough to take our babies and find them “furever” homes. And you thought all we did was trap, fix, and release! Now you know more of the story.

Overpopulation is a heartbreaking tragedy. Spay or neuter your pets!!!

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Yearly Totals

So far in 2012  652 cats spayed or neutered.... YEAH.... 

Year End Totals for 2011 - 805 cats 

Year End Total for 2010 - 804  cats 

Year  End Total for 2009 - 621 cats

Year End Total for 2008 - 723 cats

Year End Total for 2007 - 657 cats 

Year End Total for 2006 - 604 cats

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